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Day, Month and Punch Passes

Daily Pass$12
Short Term Rental Daily Rate$18
12 Punch Pass$80
20 Punch Pass$120
32 Puch Pass$165
Single 1 Month Pass$55

3 Month

Couple $220
*Family =4 people ($25 per person after 1st 4)


*Family =4 people ($55 per person after 1st 4)

Class/Training/Guest Passes**

Day Pass$12
12 Punch Pass$110
20 Punch Pass$150

**Procedures for Class/Personal Training participants that are non PLPOA Members

  • Non PLPOA members may take classes and Personal Training sessions with PLPOA Rec Center contracted, certified and insured trainers/instructors. They must purchase a class/Personal Training punch card or pay the daily fee of $12.00 per time. There are 2 punch card options available. Prices are $150 for a 20 punch or $110.00 for a 12 punch card. This fee is for entrance to the building only. Additional fees are required for the class and or training session, and paid directly to the instructor/trainer.
  • This fee includes class or Personal Training time ONLY (including a 10 minute warm up period). No other use of the facility is allowed.
  • The Personal Trainer/class instructor must acknowledge participation in the class or training session for approval of punch card purchase.

Short Term Rentals will be charged an entry fee of $18 per person.