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April Class Schedule

* Check calendar for real time cancellations. Note that April has the following scheduled cancellations: BootCamp with Laura 4/18, 4/25 & 5/2

Pool Schedule

Open Swim Times:

Monday – Thursday: 10am-12pm, 2-4pm & 5-8:45pm

Friday: 10am-12pm & 2pm-8:45pm

Saturday: 10am-7:45pm

Sunday: 11am-7pm

Procedures for Class/Personal Training participants that are non PLPOA Members

  • Non PLPOA members may take classes and Personal Training sessions with PLPOA Rec Center contracted, certified and insured trainers/instructors. They must purchase a class/Personal Training punch card or pay the daily fee of $12.00 per time. There are 2 punch card options available. Prices are $150 for a 20 punch or $110.00 for a 12 punch card. This fee is for entrance to the building only. Additional fees are required for the class and or training session, and paid directly to the instructor/trainer.
  • This fee includes class or Personal Training time ONLY (including a 10 minute warm up period). No other use of the facility is allowed.
  • The Personal Trainer/class instructor must acknowledge participation in the class or training session for approval of punch card purchase.


Basic Stretch and Abs

Trainer: Theresa Snyder
Drop in – $8.00 / 10 Class Pass – $70.00
This class is 45 minutes of great stretches and core work. You will leave class feeling relaxed and strong. A great addition to your routine.

Basic Strength Training

Trainer: Theresa Snyder
Drop in – $8.00 / 10 Class Pass – $70.00
This is a small group training class (limit 10 people). Steady-paced while working on your strength and balance through your full body. Modifications are available!

Vinyasa Yoga with Roz

Trainer: Roslyn Earle
Drop in – $10.00 / 10 Class Pass – $80.00
This class is a Slow Vinyasa Style of Yoga. Meaning that the focus is on maintaining a steady breathing pattern while moving from one posture to the next. The class will include work with balancing postures and floor stretching. Vinyasa Style helps to build strength, stamina, improve depth of breath and body awareness. This is an all levels class. Modifications are available!

Flash Fitness

Trainer: Debbe Tucker
Drop in – $7.00 / 8 Class Pass – $40.00
This is a total body workout focusing on getting in shape through various exercise formats. Modifications are available!

Spin and Arm Blast

Trainer: Eileen Anderson
Drop in – $8.00
This is a cycling and weight training class for all levels, taught by an instructor with over 25 years of experience. Eileen is known for fun but intense, calorie burning workouts!!


Trainer: Ursula Rieger
Drop in – $8.00 / 10 Class Pass – $70.00
This class is a dynamic, full body workout that simultaneously combines stretching and strengthening while engaging all your muscles. Experience a deep activation stretch that will work through all the joints and release tight muscles. Effective for flexibility, strength, mobility and pain-relief, as well as injury prevention. With a diverse music playlist accompanying each routine, this equipment-free workout leaves you feeling energized. Perfect for men and women of all fitness levels, with modifications provided.


Trainer: Laura Bailey
Drop in – $9 / class
This class builds strength and base fitness works to correct imbalances and build confidence in the gym.