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Department of Community Standards Staff (970) 731-5635 

Frequently used forms and documents associated with the DCS:

  • Report a violation/complaint All violations/complaints must come in through this form.  This allows us to properly track and document complaints. 
  • HOUSE CHECKS – This is a FREE service offered by the PLPOA Department of Community Standards to it’s owners. PLPOA staff will conduct a monthly drive-by inspection of the property and email an up-to-date photo to the owner each month the service is provided. In the event of any perceived issues, the owner will be contacted immediately. It will be up to the owner to handle the situation as they deem necessary. PLPOA staff will not enter any structure on the property nor will they attempt to complete any emergency repairs that might be required. This service will not auto-renew on an annual basis. Owners should not expect this service to replace, or act in lieu of, a security or property management service. No warranty or guarantee is expressed or implied.  Link to the sign up form by clicking on “House Check” above. 
  • ECC – link here to Environmental Control Committee information.  The ECC, often referred to as ARC (Architectural Review Committee) works closely with the DCS staff for all your PPP (Project Permit Process) needs. The ECC page provides meeting dates, applications, the PPP document and other detailed information you might need. 
  • Applications  – for Project Permits