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Completion of the request form should be noted as a preliminary step and does not constitute a definitive reservation. Each request is subject to thorough review, during which we will assess the availability of the requested space and determine its compatibility with your intended rental purposes, as well as your current membership status in relation to the established usage guidelines.

You will be promptly contacted with the outcome of the evaluation once this review process has been completed.

The Pagosa Lakes Clubhouse is made available for rental exclusively to Pagosa Lakes members who are currently in good standing. To secure a reservation, prospective renters are obligated to furnish a damage/cleaning deposit, a fully completed user agreement packet, and proof of adequate insurance coverage.

Please be advised that the Clubhouse cannot be leased for public events, with the exception of a limited few. The permissible exceptions to this policy encompass occasions such as funeral services and non-profit events which require ticketing or fundraising.

For inquiries regarding available dates, contact Jen Pitcher, Community Lifestyle Coordinator, at (970) 731-5635 extension 210.


Keep in mind when checking the schedule that groups and clubs can be canceled for a paid rentals with adequate notice.