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Boating on our PLPOA Lakes is a privilege that many of our members enjoy.  Almost all varieties of boats may use the lakes, except for high-risk boats defined by the State of Colorado.  You can see the definition below.  “Yes” you need to register your boat with PLPOA staff to obtain a boating permit, and any boat that is pulled on a trailer needs to be inspected by staff at the Administration Office before you will be allowed to use the boat on our lakes.  Boating permits are $20.00 for the first boat, and $10.00 for each boat thereafter.  All proceeds from boating permits sale goes directly back into improving our lakes.  Please see the rules below:

Boating Use Rules, Regulations and Safety Requirements:

Due to the threat of the introduction of Zebra and/or Quagga Mussels into the four Pagosa Lakes Reservoirs, beginning in the 2010 boating season for Pagosa Lakes that as defined by the State of Colorado, no medium to high biological risk boats shall be allowed or permitted on any of the four Pagosa Lakes Reservoirs and that all trailered boats shall be inspected at the PLPOA Administration Office prior to boating permit purchase.(*see definition of medium to high biological risk boats)

Violation of the above described rule, launching a medium to high biological risk boat
onto any of the four Pagosa Lakes
– $300 first time fine for violation
– $500 subsequent fine for additional violations.

A. Medium to high biological risk boats:

As described by the State of Colorado, are house boats, cabin cruisers, ski boats with ballast tanks, large open boats, sailboats and wake board boats (typically complex boats with ballasts, bilge and live wells). Low risk design sailboats, simple hulls and/or pontoon type, Hobie or catamaran type sailboats shall be allowed to continue using the lakes after passing inspection, but all complex sailboats with bilges or ballasts shall not be allowed to float on PLPOA lakes and will be denied boat registration at inspection time.

B.  Low and very low biological risk boats:

As described by the State of Colorado, are small open boats with the outboard motors (no live wells, no bilge tanks) and personal watercraft such as jet skis, hand launched craft: canoes, kayaks, belly boats and inflatables. Once an owner or guest boat or boats passes the initial inspection certifying the low risk boat, physical inspections will not be required in subsequent years as long as the owner continues to own the same low risk boat. Annual registration and sticker, however, will still be required.

  1. No internal combustion engine-powered boats allowed, except for PLPOA and Pagosa Area Water and Sanitation District (PAWSD)Employees while in performance of their duties. If an outboard or inboard engine is attached and cannot be easily removed from the boat, the fuel line must be disconnected from the engine for its use to be permitted on a lake.
  2. Each boat must have at least one U.S. Coastguard approved wearable personal flotation device for each boat occupant. Each boat occupant under the age of 12 must wear a U.S. Coastguard approved wearable personal flotation device while the boat is in use on any lake.
  3. Each boat shall have at least one usable oar or paddle.
  4. All boats must be operated in a safe manner.
  5. The use of homemade rafts or plain inner tubes is not permitted.
  6. Except for lakeshore lot owners, boats must be launched from established boat ramps. If boat is stored at one of the Association Member boat storage locations, boat must be registered, chained and locked to the posts provided.
  7. Any violation of the above listed Boating Regulations can result in a $75.00 fine.

C.  Boat Registration Agreement:

  • I agree that my boat is insured for liability and personal property damage and I agree to hold the PLPOA free from any and all liability for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, and do hereby waive and release any and all rights and claims for damage which I may have against the PLPOA or their respective Directors, officers, employees and/or agents for any and all injuries and/or damages which may occur from my use of the lake amenities and boating activities. I will receive a copy of the Pagosa Lakes Boating use rules and regulations and agree to follow all safety rules established by the Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association, failure to do so will result in a $75.00 fine.
  • No boat shall be floated on or used on any Association lake until registered. Registration for each boat shall be $20.00 for the season (Jan. 1 through Dec. 31). If an owner has multiple boats, each boat must be registered individually with the first boat costing $20.00 and additional boats $10.00.
  • I will receive a decal/sticker with my paid registration and will attach it to the left outside rear panel of each registered boat.
  • Single person inflatable boats (such as float tubes) shall be exempted.
  • Additionally, all boats stored at the Association member storage areas must be registered and chained and locked to the posts provided with a padlock. All boats not registered and locked and in storage at these locations shall be impounded by the Association and a violation issued to the owner (all boating regulation fines are set at $75 in the Association rules and regulations).
  • All unregistered boats impounded by the Association shall be held for a period of 60 days, after which time, if they are unclaimed, announcements will be made in the Association Website and the Pagosa Springs Sun with a description of the boat and notice that all unclaimed boats will be sold through a sealed bid process.

D. SWIMMING: No swimming is allowed in any of the lakes heretofore named. If you enjoy swimming, you can visit the pool at the Recreation Center.

E. SNOWMOBILING: Is strictly prohibited and is subject to a $100 fine per violation.

F. PENALTY FOR VIOLATION: Violators of provisions of these regulations are subject to loss of lake use privileges and/or fine under the PLPOA Declarations, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations Code of Enforcement, and/or criminal charges under one or more of the following statutes: Sec. 18-4-401 (Theft), 18-4-504 (Trespass), 18-4-511 (Littering), and 33-6-116 (Fishing Without Permission).